Message by principal

Dear parents,

Mary Matha Public school at Surat, owned and managed by Bethany Ashram, is one of the most leading Higher Secondary Schools, imparting Quality education to all at an affordable cost. Our motto is to transform young minds through quality education, values and discipline, has been tested and proved to be effective and glorious time and again, accepted and appreciated by the society.

The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth. We are living in an inquiring and innovation-oriented society. The demand of twenty- first century is novelty, creativity, and integration of knowledge, research, critical and analytical thought and good character.

We, Mary Matha Public School always prepare children to face the present situation by integrated training and to develop analytical and critical thinking, skill and attitude through imparting right knowledge and wisdom. We visualize the integral development of our students and invest itself to provide invaluable and real human beings to the society.

Rev Fr. Mathew Shoby OIC