Events Celebrations

Annual Day Celebration

We celebrate the annual day every year. It is a great function. We start with a devotional musical dance and student will deliver a welcome speech. Chief guests are also invited. We welcome them warmly. They spend their precious time to encourage our students. They appreciate our students for their talent, ability and skills in music, dance, speech and other cultural activities.

Annual Sports Day Celebration

We celebrate the Sports Day every year. Different kind of sports competition are arranged like running race, chess etc. Games will be arranged according to class level.Special games will be arranged for senior girls like skipping, lemon and spoon, kho-kho etc.

15th August

Mary Matha Bethany public School gives great importance to national festivals also.We celebrate Independence Day on 15th august every year. The chief guest will host the national flag.National anthem and national song will be sung.Cultural program will be arranged and patriotic song will be sung.

26th Junuary

We celebrate the republic day on 26th January every year.This day is a very special day for all the student, parents and sunrise parivar. On this day we invite lot of guests and parents. Students will go for rally and march pass will take place and flag hosting, followed by cultural program, students will take a vary active part in this program, student will give speech on republic day.